Make Sure You Know How to Give a Fuck

Here's how the whole thing works

The whole point of giving a fuck is to show someone that you really do care - at least for five minutes. That means you have to give a fuck the right way. CARES2GIVE can help. Here's how:

First, take your chosen fuck in hand when someone demands your attention
Then, scan the QR code on the back to get to a digital five-minute timer
Give them the fuck
Finally, start giving a fuck and let loose

For the entire five minutes, the person who received the fuck will be silent while the person who gave it vents. Once the timer ends, that's it - you're all out of fucks to give. Whatever happens next is between you, your buddy and whatever social contract you're bound to. Pass it around to your friends to maximize how many fucks you can give at once.

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Why should I give a fuck?

There are many reasons to justify needing to give a fuck. You should consider purchasing from us if:

  • You have someone in the office who likes complaining too much
  • You have a friend that can't stop telling you about pointless bs
  • You have a family member that wastes your time with daily updates
  • You find yourself short of fucks to give and require a few for emergencies
Need to give a fuck but don't know how? Purchase one of our products today - it's all the fuck you'll need.