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Sometimes, You Have to Give a Fuck

Give one in style with our gorgeous woodwork

There are no two ways around it - everybody in the world thinks you need to give a fuck about their problems. Don't have the time and energy for that? Then you're in luck! CARES2GIVE creates premium handcrafted products that'll make your daily social interactions easy, fast and low maintenance.

Our stylish and elegant fucks come come with a QR code that starts a five-minute timer once you hand over the "fuck". When time runs out, that's it - you're officially all out of fucks to give! Take back your time and energy with the help of our lovely crafted fucks to give.

How big are these amazing products?

Our fucks measure 3 1/2-by-2 inches and are 1/4 of an inch thick. Decent size, right? Not only can you keep them in your desk or bag, but you can leave them out, hand them off and do whatever else you want with them.

When you have to give a fuck, make it good

Buying a fuck from us means buying the highest quality. After all, if you're only giving someone five minutes to vent you might as well make it good, right?

To give you the best options, we make fucks out of different wood species and rarity.

Purple Heartwood

Price $10,000

The purple heartwood fucks to give are the rarest of all. In fact, there are only ten in all of existence. The beautiful purple grain of the Brazilian purple heartwood tree is capable of producing such awe in the recipient that they may waste the five minutes you are giving them simply admiring the grandeur of the Maserati MC 12 of fucks, which you have so generously gifted. After years of intense scientific research and rigorous testing, we can safely hypothesize that the giving of this fuck grants you the powers to shift reality, develop six pack abs, make you at least 30% more attractive, and increase your net worth by half! Beware the power you will wield by virtue of owning this legendary weapon of fuckery, for its potency is potentially infinite.


These fucks are made with reclaimed Oak wood from the burn piles of our talented and amazingly beautiful Amish overlords. They are sanded and lacquered to a pristine high gloss finish. Perfect for giving to someone whom you don't want to spend too much money giving a fuck, but who you also don't want to think you are a cheap ass. Five minutes well spent.


Of all the rare fucks, the Hickory Fucks are the most difficult to obtain. They are hard, and polished, and glorious, because they were made by you mom. As if cutting and milling the super hard Hickory were not enough, the giving of this fuck will be even harder. These fucks are meant for the connoisseur of caring. Those who are particularly fastidious about the giving of their time will appreciate this rare and beautiful fuck.


The Cadillac of fucks to give. The Walnut fucks are tenderly harvested from the fields of fuckery. And milled to perfection before we finish with a gloss lacquer to fit snugly into the more distinguished pockets. It is wise to carefully consider the giving of these magical fucks, for they are made with love.

Not sure which wood is right for you? Reach out to our experts today.

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